31 July 2011

pumpkins.... there are so many thoughts coming and going through my mind. I was thinking about the Norwegian tragedy.. I'm feeling so sad and angry about the suffering. How can a person cause such pain??? Why God allows that? 
Last night i did the gathering of close friends at home. I cooked, we sat, ate and talked. In fact it was rather a family meeting. Only one friend showed up, who is counted in family from yesterday, since she showed up, canceling other plans. We had a nice time, although i thought that we weren't at the best of our moods. The economic crisis, the strikes, the disappointment, the lost hopes, the bad news around the world, the tragedy  in Norway!!!
i stayed in today, studied German, ate ice cream and left -overs from yesterday (meat with curry, macaroni with cheese and salad). 
I'm getting ready for a pilates training. Pilates always makes me my mood better. I had my last visit on the gym center on Friday, it is closed for summer vacations. I met my trainer, i like to call him my teacher, because i've learned so many things from him. We talked, it had been long since the last time we talked alone. It was nice, talking to him and have all his attention.  He was making plans to go out with other gym-mates of mine. He didn't proposed me. I never understood why he keeps a distance from me. I am always discreet. I'm sure that his woman doesn't like me. she is competitive against me and i never challenged her. I don't know. I can't solve all problems. 
Duckie and I talk from time to time. He is on vacation now.
may all of you have a peaceful, happy night. i'll do the same. 
i'm sending you happy thoughts...

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