10 August 2011

another poem of Tiffany

  dedicated to unrevealed love

always untitled

my words won't come to me
they sit on my tongue
dissolve into escaping breaths
i tend to look diagonally away
to the bottom left corner
of the page that is you
underlining phrases
writing notes in the margins
dog earring the moments i want to remember
to read again and again
at a later date
archiving moments of whispers
cataloging the tastes and the smells of you
furiously writing word after word
to remember all the different ways your hands feel
upon my easily bruised flesh
more delicate than a thick skin should be
removing my innate modesty from the equation
this one time
trying not to let open eyes betray me
as they tend to do
just a moment of eye contact can melt this candy shell
revealing the secrets i keep caged up in my chest
where the poems are born from
where a muse can carve their initials into me
to embrace the nature of the adventure
speaking words through fingertips again
disappearing into the sound of your heartbeat
where my ear touches your chest to hear the ocean

from: tiffany lettieri.

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