10 August 2011

another source of inspiration from Tanya's blog
I'm incredibly blessed to do something that i really love + actually make a living at.  sounds like a dream right?  it is...but it hasn't been without a ton of hard work...  about ten years of commitment + sacrifice + some very discouraging + disheartening moments in between.  sometimes dreams have a price... + it's hefty.  i'm a self taught photographer.  i got to where i am today with a lot of pursuit, a ton of passion, + the blessing that comes in the form of waitressing jobs.  in a conversation the other night with my sister, she lamented the fact that I had to work 8 long years in restaurants to get where i am today.  "on the contrary," i corrected her... "it's because of that wonderful job that i was able to have my days free + enough free hours in them to pursue my photography".  it's nothing to disregard,  i feel totally blessed to have been able to have a job that paid the rent, while still allowing me to perfect my art.  i'll be the first to admit... i don't have any property, or a 401K, or even health insurance at the moment.  Not that those things aren't vitally important, but I think that people sometimes get so hung up on them, that it paralyzes them from pursuing their real passions.  They feel as if they can't let go of that secure job, because they need just that: security.  But meanwhile, they're miserable + dying to do something that makes them feel more like they're really living.

So i don't have any huge pearls of wisdom on finding your passion, but I guess my soapbox is all about taking the leap, facing the fear, + letting go of some of those conventional securities in order to find out what it is you really want to do.  money comes + goes... property values rise + dip.  but you only live once...  + you're only 20, or 30, or 40, or 50 once...  take it to the max.  live with no regrets.  + for god's sake don't stay chained to your cubicle if all you're doing is surfing the web + learning about exotic places.  the time is now... it's all you've got.  carpe diem.

xo, brooke

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