22 August 2011

  have a nice happy week. 
i feel sooo exhausted. My baby sister has a flu and i had to babysit her for the weekend. We had a great time and she is getting better, but i think i took the virus. I feel a bit run out! I also did some cleaning and cooking. I cooked noodles with sausages and tomato sauce in the wok (easy and tasty!! ). i watched two great movies.. i'll post the trailers below. They were a good company along with a glass of red wine. 

i think you have to see the movies, they are quite entertaining. "Breakfast on Pluto" makes you think about life, freedom, happiness, friends and choices. 
I'm focused on preparing material for my teaching. September is almost here. I miss yoga. I'll practice today. 
What are your autumn plans pumpkins??

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