8 August 2011

J' adore Audrey

 Audrey taught me about style in her pictures and movies, her face, her elegant manners, the way she stood, walked, talked....
TOTAL GRACE.  Because of her i watch out what i eat, how i'm dressed, how i look. I look after my body and face, i smile all the time, i respect myself and others. I give love to others. Even now when i'm on vacation i carry jewellery and cosmetics, i want to look good. When i was 20, my bikinis and my sunglasses were enough to feel great. Now on 37, i need cosmetics, too many creams, scarfs, hats and sunglasses, earrings and necklaces. The worst part is that i go nowhere without my medicine kit, antibiotics, painkillers for headaches, creams for sunburn etc... huh,... i'm getting older... i can't stand too many hours under sun and i need an evening sleeping siesta in order to stay up late at night. I also can't stand in clubs for more than 2 hours,  i need some kind of chair in case i got tired. But i feel wiser now, stronger, happier than earlier.
how do you feel pumpkins???

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