23 August 2011

Majid Ali is a blogger  with an amazing blog. Please check it out pumpkins. It's for a good reason. i'm following him.

Here are some of his thoughts:

Thought for the Day


Our week is made of thoughts. If the thoughts are negative, there is a high probability that the environment around it is also, on the other hand, to develop positive thoughts create a positive atmosphere. This week I invite you to an exercise of good attitude, things look good, making the problems with patience, practice compassion for all those around you.Never forget that giving also receives.


Become a source of harmony is not impossible. May radiate harmony in various ways, for example, frankly speaking with others about your needs and theirs, setting limits, making proposals just to benefit both sides, understanding the desires of the other. Another way to become a fixture of harmony is the practice of virtues, so that others see in you qualities worthy of being imitated and that will lead automatically to a harmonious rather than drowning in conflicts.


In the life of every human being is important that the dreams and actions are aligned. It is no use dreaming undecided live act. When we dream and dream merge with the action we finally just be dreamers, to become visionaries and entrepreneurs.


We all face a daily battle, whether physical, emotional or material. And as you also confronts every human being has his own personal battle. Understanding this truth deeply is great because it makes us compassionate and kind to our neighbor. Try to maintain good interpersonal relationships, women and men to be sensitive to understand the suffering of others, because we all have some pain inside.


Since the farmer working the land, planting and holds up to bear fruit, so you're the same farmer in your own existence, part of the job is high take what seems impossible and then return to plant the seeds (thoughts , words, feelings, actions) and feed them with patience, joy, good will, but do not expect the fruits immediately arise, but stand firm on the idea that another will.


Usually, we are critical and unforgiving to others proofread them, straighten up and get angry when they do what we say or advise, we want to live their lives and continue to the letter our instructions. But to ourselves we are sometimes weak-willed, full of apologies and excuses, complacencientes and careless. We need to find a balance between being strong with yourself, without leaving the kindness with our own being, but giving up believing that we are always right and that is the others who are always wrong. With others the equilibrium occurs when we add the gentleness of force, when we are able to forgive, understand their weaknesses and give them courage to continue.


Solve family problems, and in general all problems-emerging with an open mind and a compassionate heart. Compassion is what makes it serious light, the unforgivable forgivable, hopelessness in remediable. It is a question of letting this compassion, gentleness and tenderness out original afloat and to become part of our personality, becoming a fundamental element of character, becoming a constant in the attitude of all our days

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