9 August 2011

mmm..interesting..What Makes a Hunk?

i have just read this post from bad girl bloggers and i want to share it with my girl friends;

What Makes a Hunk?
Number 1: Personality

Like the plot of the story, the hero is just as important. We have to somehow connect with the hero whether he’s a Dom in a BDSM story or just an average man attracted to the heroine. He can’t just appear on the page, ravish his partner, and then leave. That’s what the quick reads are for. The quick fuck we need, not caring about the characters; just caring about the sex. Hell, the characters could be strangers for all I care.
I won’t say he has to be sweet because lets face it; some women want a bad boy. And the right bad boy would be a bastard to everyone, but as soon as he looks at his woman, he’d do about damn near anything because she has him wrapped around her pretty little finger.

Number 2: Alpha

He has to be strong, and not just physically, but emotionally. He has to have strength that keeps him going, keeps him in the chase for the one he’s after. He can’t just give up and be a wimpy ass because the girl said no to a date. It’s why she said no to his sorry ass in the first place. Though, if he started becoming a stalker we’d have problems.

He can be a silent Alpha because everyone knows, the silent types are always the freakiest and the ones who most surprise you. He can be a geek who has social issues for all I care, but when it gets the bedroom, I want him to be able to dominate that woman. And not only that, but he has to be able to step up when it’s time.
And like any good Alpha, he knows when it’s a good time to let another take the lead. He has to know that he can’t dominate each and every time, but let the woman lead. That’s right, he has to know when it’s time to let her tie him down and ride him till he’s stupid and speaking gibberish. It’s a win-win for both I think.

Number 3: Mind blowing

At the beginning, I said that when you hear “erotica” you think sex. And let’s be honest, no one wants to read an erotica where the sex is tame or even mediocre.

The hunk has to have a way of pleasuring their woman that makes sure they never go to anyone else. Even when their having a quickie, they have to leave their woman, and us, weak in the knees and breathless. Yes, the emotion adds to the pleasure; however, we, and the characters, don’t always have time for making love. Some moments call for a quick fuck.

They also have to be willing to try something different or pushing the woman to see how far she can go. And when I say push, again, I don’t mean the whole Dom thing by tying her down and spanking. That would go under trying things. No, when I say pushing her, I mean something like prolonging orgasms. See how long they both can hold back and to come to one major orgasm, or how many orgasms he can give her before she cries uncle and is contemplating putting on a temporary chastity belt so he can keep his hands to himself just so she can sleep.

There are more points to an erotica hunk, like his physic, but that’s pretty given. I mean, have you ever seen an erotica cover with a chubby guy. Don’t get me wrong, chubby men need love too, but the hunk has to be…well a hunk. He has to be fit. The woman doesn’t really matter. In fact, I like reading an erotica novel with a woman with some meat on her bones - more to love - since not all women are a slim, blond hair, blue eyed skank.

Now, if anyone finds a man that fits the erotica hunk characteristics, send his ass my way. I could use a hunk to ravish.

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