23 March 2012

The article below reveals how we can have a healthy relationship with money... i don't have.. i love to spend them and it's been a long period since the last time i went shopping... (the crisis, you see). so i did it today... i went for a deep facial cleaning, i bought cosmetics, i did a manicure, massage and i bought 3 t-shirts and white pants. i couldn't resist this luxury... i really, really needed it.. i work hard, try hard, study and exercise, i needed some support..
this weekend i'll clean, cook, watch a movie, do yoga, teach German, meet friends/family and study!! i need more than 48 hours.
i have to go now, my new books call me to open them..
love you, love you... write me what you do..
spring is here pumpkins, enjoy it..

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