16 May 2012

My friend Poupe-Pe

Good morning pumpkins... morning rituals, the things we do, each morning again and again, the same, that is.. , the morning coffee, and other things. I used to walk a long distance to work. I had stopped lately. But i'm starting again...from today.. I go across the neighbourhood of my teacher and friend Efi, where i spent much time in my first youth, which happens to be also Duckie's old neighbourhood -he moved out recently-. I pass by and i recall soo many happy memories.. i feel so good when i go back in time... Every Wednesday there is a flea market in this neighbourhood, i passed through today. I was looking the colours of the fruits and vegetables, so bright, so many and different, like a rainbow. I felt grateful that i can smell them, look at them. Grateful that i can see and walk, when other people suffer. 
It's another busy day today. Work, studying, training, cooking...i should start studying for the exams very soon...
Before i go i want tell you about my friend PouPee-Pe, you can reach her via Facebook. She is making amazing handmade dolls and they are cheap. the perfect present for the ones you love. My favourite is on the picture. She made it for me and she named her Frau virgie. 

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