16 May 2012

new discovery: Lacey Loop

Superimpose my reflection in your bones-

Call me a masochist.

Wanna be so deep inside you

I can taste the tremble in your tendons

Marrow to membrane

At 4:30 in the morning

11:00 on a Sunday

Replicating a rapture with the friction in fingers

Compose a sonnet out of rhythmic exhalations

I’ll swallow your singsong then place a mockingbird in my mouth

In hopes that it will fly down my throat so it can croon it back out.

Call me organist.

Evoke a symphony from our shivers

Strum the strings of our bodies like harps

My spine will contain the chorus

Your pelvis the verse

Move against me like the ocean

Girl, with the mermaid hair

Tentacles to tendrils

How we found each other in a shipwreck

Confused by the attraction of our flesh and fins in the shrapnel

We will whisper each other to dream with midnight manifestos—

I will tell you about Mississippi

You can tell me about growing up 1,743 miles underneath the sea

Enthralled by our histories

We will be the thing that people call myth

They will want to dissect us so they can figure out how we fit

Back to belly

Our bodies arched like the moon

Resenting the morning for splitting us in two

You smell of firewood and sea foam

Taste like a pear

Taste like hazel

Feel as delicate as fog

Feel as warm as whiskey

Want to kiss you as soft as a whisper

Want to kiss your elbows and your nose because I meant it when I told you

Every part of you is beautiful

Escape the city with me

Like renegade stallions we’ll outrun the engines

Rename the streets

For there is sapphire in our palms

When we touch we burn peridot

Let us roll ourselves tight and sleep in the canvases

Of Klimt and Magritte

Warm and full we will be

Tentacle to tendril

Marrow to membrane

Practicing the proximity of bodies

For we have both found comfort in loneliness before

But not tonight.

Call me selfish

For wanting to set fire to the maps so you won’t return

To the sea.

read more about lacey: http://laceyroop.com

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