26 May 2012

A happy surprise

hi pumpkins. my life is a roller coaster these days. the hours are running, i feel i'm running in a marathon too. The exams are coming, the work at the office doesn't reduce, the clock is ticking. I'm worried about my future, my family, my students, my friends.. i'll start meditating again and Reiki too.i need it. i feel a lot of negative energy around. Most of my university mates are competitive and i hate that. Like we are all fighting for a promotion. What will these kids do, when they go to work? Kill to survive??
But i have great news, my literature teacher told me that my writing reminded her of Thomas' Mann writing!! Well, i felt 30 cm taller!!! I thanked her and i felt very proud of me. They weren't all happy about my victory but i don't mind. My happiness cannot be described. 
A weekend full of studying is here. Uhhh!!!
i love you. take care.. be back soon.

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