1 June 2012

my presentation_ the angels did magic

pumpkins... how are you?? i'm fine. I have missed you and  writing. This period is crazy.  I had a presentation yesterday at the University and thank God it went far better than i expected. My teaching experience helped me, i had totally freaked out before i entered the room. I was thinking i would collapse. But none of these happen. As soon as i entered the room and saw smiling faces, i smiled back, cleaned the schoolboard all happened naturally. I spoke loud, clear, no trembling. It was a presentation about language and communication. I had done much work and i managed to show it. Thank God all turned out well. When i finished i went to a church and prayed. I thanked God for taking my fears away. It was the first time after a long time that i remembered angels. I knew i have one by my side, everybody does. Yesterday i sensed its presence.
I'm ready for the next challenge now. 
Here is an interesting article about Happiness and Joy. Read it... Enjoy it.
Have a peaceful weekend.. I'll be studying mostly. 
love you...xoxo

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