8 May 2012

hi pumpkins... what are you're up to? I hope everything is fine and i wish you the very best in what you're trying.. .i have the same as usual... studying and working... thank God some teaching lessons of mine stop soon and i'll relax more. i need to relax, to sleep, just stop running and doing.. i don't remember the last time i went out to have dinner with friends.. i have to pack all winter clothing and carpets this weekend... huh!! 
The house needs painting and the floor needs to replace some tiles. big plans!!!!
my planner has become the most important thing in my bag, shit!!
i need some beaute too, deep face cleaning, exfoliating, mani- and peticure too.. Doctors appointments... some said something about planning!!!
i'll be back soon.. i need to get back to work..

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