9 May 2012

lovabies!! what are you doing?? i'm swamped by papers at work but i'm handling it.. i feel great because i did some shopping therapy yesterday. I bought two pair of jeans, three blouses and a skirt... It was ages since the last time i bought clothes. My buys were in stradivarius, i love it.. 
today i'm meeting friends after leaving work -i'm staying extra hours dammit- and then go home to rest. i really need some sleep. in the following hours my teacher will announce the results of the literature test. i'm a bit anxious about it. She is soo nice and i admire her so much. I watch her lectures all ears, like children listening mystery stories... 
i booked tickets for protect me, a theatrical play coming at Onasis Centre. it's been a long time since i went to the theatre.
oh gush time runs...i have to go now.. take care hon..

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