21 September 2012

have the best time ever... heat returned to Athens.. smelled summer again. Exams were cancelled due to teachers' strike but i'm not releaved. I'm stressed because i don't know what comes next. Are they going to take place during lessons? who knows! No decision taken yet. I have too much work. I started pilates again, i need more stretching. 
Reiki is doing me real good. I can hear my mind talking, observe what i feel and what i need. It's time for decision making about my life.  The signs reveal changes. I need them. I call for them. Today i'm meeting  Arte for lunch and girly talk. 
Last weekend i watched the last Batman movie. It was marvellous. Christian Bale is GEORGEOUS!! 
I found out that he's married. I envy his wife. She's soo lucky. 
I intend to have a peaceful weekend with friends and family... 
love you..... 

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