24 September 2012

Monday is a difficult day

Monday is a difficult day.. you have to get back to school, office etc.. It's more difficult when you have spent all weekend at home.. I did.. i did some houseworking, cleaning, i gathered brothers and sisters at home on Saturday night for dinner, i cooked and we had a great time.. 
Last night sisi slept home so we stayed up late watching "Crazy stupid love" (i saw it for the second time) and i didn't have much sleep. you can watch the trailer below

so this morning i came to work in a bad mood, until i watched everything is incredible. Then i realised how lucky i am for all i'm enjoying in my life. As soon as i'm finishing this post i'm getting back at work full of optimism and energy. We need that to carry on. Don't let your inner flame blow away. Keep it alive, even in bad and difficult days. Sisi is having a job interview today, i wish her GOOD LUCK FROM THE DEEPEST INCH OF MY HEART.

Have a great week my pumpkins..love youa..

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