15 October 2012


i wish you magical moments. Autumn came in Athens with chilly nights and rain.. i love this period.. i've had it with heat. Thank God exams are over. I'm typically in the second year starting tomorrow. i can't wait to start school again. my weekend was full of housework and i'm very proud because i finally repaired my pc. so you can tell.. the work i had to do after... 5 year- files should be classisfied and saved.. but i did.. Now i'll be proud of me when i find time and money to proceed to the recognition of my master title. 
my plans include baking a cake, practising yoga renewing my teaching notes (that needs work..) and painting three rooms of my house. I'm thinking of volounteering on teaching german for free in my neighborhood, for poor kids and unemployed people. I'll ask if there are free teaching positions. 
will see.. anyway 
i hope the best reaches you.. don't give up on fighting, life is bitter and sweet but every moment is valuable.... 
xoxo...love you

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