19 October 2012

hi pumpkins.. these days i had a lot to do and i didn't post much. And i missed talking to you. Well, yesterday i stayed home, i did much cleaning and ironing... i watched Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte , an amazing movie of the old times with Betty Davis. 
You can watch the trailer below..

i try to have a good time as much as i can. I'm not in the greatest of moods lately... i need some time to gather my mind, my responsibilities and priorities.. Work is going bad, thank God i have University to distract my mind. 
Reiki opened my channels of energy and intuition.. That's good but "heavy".. it's not easy to bare sometimes, feelings and situations are lived more tensed...
I have started psychoanalysis.. i need to become more decisive in certain situations.. Digging in the past is quite "stormy".  I'll do it... I need to open the closet with ghosts, face them and dig them deep once and for all. i don't believe that only crazy people should visit psychotherapists. I truly think that the world would be better if people came clean with the questions that turture them inside.. If they stopped hiding from guild and 
This weekend contains reading, yoga, visiting  my Godchild for her birthday, having a family dinner. Dad has his name celebration tomorrow.My best waaarmest wishes to you dad.. 
i wish a shiny lovely weekend... be nice to yourself and others..

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