2 October 2012

my ankle is killing me but it won't knock me down

lovabies i'm back and i have missed you sooo much. Exams are continuouing and thank God i'm doing well. Almost as good as i wanted. The first "rock", the lesson of "theory of translation" is gone, i believe successfully. i have much energy to give on studying. That is helped by the fact that i got some days off work starting tomorrow. Thanks to my boss, who i thank deeply from the heart and i never expected it would be so easy to ask for some days off. i was fearing screaming and denying. It was my angel, a good spirit, i don't know, but it was really a miracle. The bad thing is that i hit my left ankle as i was trying to get in the bus yesterday. the pain kills me, it has some bruises and i put some ice on. if it doesn't get better tomorrow i'll go to the doctor. i'm soo happy that i'll stay some days at home with my books, my teas and my movies... i'll start watching Downton Abbey.. 

i may miss some training because of my ankle. But i'll do some beaute with masks, peelings and scrubs, friends are coming to visit and studying of course...
i'm drinking ayurverdic tea, drawing the coming days in my mind and writing them on he clouds. i miss autumn.... i want some chilly nights and rain...
what are you up to?? come on send an e-mail... let's talk!! 

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