5 October 2012

my mind stuck

i have much to do as always.. i gave exams today. It went well. i wish it had been excellent.. truth to be told i wasn't very well prepared. i think i was't much concentrated when i was studying... my mind stuck and i was trying to remenber something important without result.. the word was Metonymie and i was stuck in Me.... then total blank.. like i had read nothing...i was furious with myself. i hate when i try to recall something from my memory and i can't. The other truth is that my mind is too occupied. If you add the fact that i'm getting older (39) here goes the me + blank..
i want to watch the new movie of Haneke "love". perhaps the coming week. 

tomorrow i'm having lunch with Amelie and Arte. i love these girls.. i'm anxious to our meeting..earlier i have a teaching German class. if i'm in a mood i'll practise yoga..
i have tons of energy suddenly. Although i had a week of exhaustions and fights.. i may need to take serious decisions about my life very soon. i'll tell you when i'm ready. For starters i'll begin psychoanalysis. Reiki sessions going great. My energy flows..
Try new things..
here is an interesting article: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/20-Things-Everyone-Should-Master-by-Age-40/4
have a marvellous time this weekend.xoxo

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