6 November 2012

Inspiration moments

hi pumpkins. Have a nice day. I'm happy because i had taken the last grade. I passed all lessons of the first year, 12 in fact. All with good grades and i'm soo proud of me.... But the reason i feel astonished is a note i got from one of my students. She's started German 4 months ago and she has made an amazing progress. Along with her wishes she added "You are my inspiration". This sentence made me want to cry out of joy. There is no better reward than hearing that the teacher is an inspiration for the students.
I wish all my students took something more than knowledge from me. Once my Physics teacher told me "it's good to know about oscillations but the best is to know about Albert Camus". Now i know what he meant. 
My students are my friends, my kids. I want to become part of their life. Hearing their news, advise them. I learn from them too. From their passion, their knowledge, their joy. 
Some days ago another student of mine had birthday and i went to her party. I haven't been to a kids' party for years. It was real fun. 
Tomorrow i'm staying home. Autumn house cleaning, unpacking winter clother, packing summer ones. 


  1. I am doing autumn house cleaning tomorrow as well!

  2. i hope you finish the cleaning with the least of exhaustion. I'm doing window cleaning, curtain washing tomorrow... oh gush... i'm tired only thinking about it..