24 January 2013

I hate friend-bloodsuckers and other thoughts

Good morning pumpkins.. I know i'm gone for days and i have missed you.. i'm soo busy lately i hardly sleep. And i couldn't yet manage to study as hard as i wanted. Exams are starting next week. I have my mind busy with other things.. I went to my endocrinologist to check up my hormones. She wrote me a big list of medical exams. There i'm focused. I need to check up my health first. The baby effort stroke me again. 
Then i was thinking of my friends.. i had some ups and downs lately. There are many, in fact 4, that i haven't spoken for long. Not even a hello note. I didn't want to believe it, but most of them were close to me when they were in need. The other one found a boyfriend and disappeared. That sucks!! I always invent in friendships... Mostly give... So i get disappointed. But i learned to stop. Stop investing to people that proved to be like air... or like bloodsucker. I hate bloodsuckers.. They absorb all your energy and leave you dry and hanging.. 
Other things in mind... my father's brother died last night. Unexpectantly his heart stopped. I can't go to the funeral. But i feel sad. He has been through a lot in his life. He was abusive but was also tortured. May his soul rest in peace... I was thinking again that our existence is soo fragile.. like a thread. ...
As I was coming to work in the morning i heard voices from far away. A woman was screaming "Police, police". None corresponded. Was she in need? Was she crazy? It was 7:30 p.m. Instically i grabed my bag tighter and opened my step. What are we? How do we show that we care? Do we only care about our own pelt, leaving others to suffer?
Where is our best self hidden? Let it come out!!!
Other little things:
I'm rambling again... have many many happy moments.. don't give up on those you love..

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