18 January 2013

Pi and lessons of life

last night i went to the movies. To be honest i wasn't enthusiastic of the idea. I don't like documentaries and i was sure that the movie was something like that. Well not exactly. The movie is a Hymn to life, hope and faith. It challenges you to believe what you want or need to. I suggest you to watch it. It may be the best movie i have seen so far. It moved me deeply. 
Have a great weekend, i have soo much to do, as always, mostly i need to study.. i have started thinking again (to start teaching yoga, i have stopped for some time). As soon as i got home yesterday after the movie i medidated for 15 minutes, i needed to focus inside of me. i feel small every time i hear my mind getting around work and gym.. pleasures and responsibilities... life are so much more... with all these poverty and unhappiness around i  should stop thinking only of myself. 
i 'll be focusing on happy thoughts for the universe... smile and hug.. and it will get back to you...xoxo

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