11 January 2013

The blues Brothers
i love this video and adore Blues Brothers. Have a great weekend pumpkins. i got to the University and i watched a great lecture. Professor Weitz, my teacher on Literature reminded me once more what a great teacher and speaker he is, I enjoyed it. He made me want to read about Anthropology. As i was leaving i remembered another great teacher of mine, Mr Batzoglou, he would have been very proud of me, if he had known that i was studying literature. He is dead and i feel bad i couldn't have the chance to tell him about my victory. I wish he saw me from above. i miss him. 
Anyway, don't get melancholic. Have a great time.... i'll be thinking of you.. 
i have another addiction.. Dowton Abbey.. i bet that if you watch it once, you can't live without it. 

have magic moments.xoxoxo

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