10 January 2013

When you feel secure in the choices you have made, you will feel more confident pursuing big dreams and exploring unfamiliar activities. Uncertainty about ourselves and the lives we have created can make us feel timid and cause us to question our goals, desires, and impulses. Accepting that you have done the best you can and capably handled yourself in a variety of situations will give you a sense of self-assurance that motivates you to push your limits. You won’t worry about negative possibilities because you will have no doubt of your ability to survive in both good times and bad. Using the security you feel to comfortably approach the unknown or face difficult duties today will help you take advantage of opportunities you would have otherwise passed by. OM

hello... what are you doing? good morning.. i was soo busy these days with teaching, studying and everything else. i'm back to the faculty and i'm so happy about it. and a bit nervous cause exams are coming and i don't have much courage to speed up with learning. ..will see... The good news is that great things happened these days. First it was snow.. the day before yesterday. Now a big sun is coming out warming our hearts, then there is love, happiness. Pumpkins.. may all of you feel love. Today i'm seeing friends, i got school   and work. I'm proud of me because a constuction plan i was planing for long took approval.   I'll see a big design of mine coming alive. Yes, my first studies was engineering. But it has given me so much stress that i tend to forget it. If you ask me what i do i say spontan "teacher". 
I didn't have the chance to go to the movies. i'll try it this weekend. 
Come on, go out and give the best of yourself to your passions.

i love this song..  xoxo

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