15 February 2013

Love in the end and other thoughts

my romantic mood remains... good morning lovabies.. love and rain stays for long in this city... i had a peaceful afternoon yesterday.. i went to the movies and watched a very romantic greek story  "Love in the end". I loved it.. It was totally appropriate if you want to remember how it is to be in love. What romance is.. 
Below you'll find trailers of the movie.. 

Back to daily routine now... Work, work, body training, sessions, no teaching for today...  I have sooo much to clean at the house... and ironing.. i hate ironing.. i put some music on, i dance, sing and iron, to make it more joyable.. .what are you planning for the weekend??
Finally i went shopping. I bought some creams from APIVITA, I love its natural products, especially Aqua Vita, and Wine Elixir Eye Cream. Amazing results..  I need a new cell phone, i have to buy some books for my teaching and i got some doctor appointments... shit.. where could i find some money?? Priorities... i know.. The times where i could do anything i wanted cause i had much money are long gone (crisis..). But now i'm really happy when i do something, i treasure it.. i realised lately that i'm lo longer attached to material things.. i can give, i can share my belongings..
My new mantra is BE PRESENT.. That i have been missing for 39 years.. i was struggling for the future and i was neglecting the present. Live the present... 

smile pumpkins.... today is a brand new day, you can change EVERYTHING..


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    1. it's sooo romantic, i only wish it had english subtitles because it's a greek production..