14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... celebrate love..

(pictures from: pinterest)

it's constantly raining and i can't stand it anymore... well it's romantic, but even romance has its limits (or hasn't??), i have started reading Goethe lately and i'm ashamed that i had to enter University to find out about Goethe, Goethe was shortly before only a German exam center to me). Well i finished with exams for now. i left German history for the summer... i don't know how i'll manage reading German history in 40 degrees but i can't stand the thought of  more reading for now.. i quit...
today i'm going to the movies with my little sister.. tomorrow i'm visiting an uncle i love and my favourite niece, my cousin's daughter.. this kid is so naughty but so adorable.. i'll post pictures..
i have to go shopping, i need some face creams, an umbrella, i have broken 3 umbrellas in two months (rain, rain, strong rain)....
got to go for now.. i'll be thinking of you..
love you pumpkins... i'm sending you a huge huge hug and many kisses..


  1. i agree that romance hasn't got limits.. i was asking myself how far someone acts romantic.. i know very few romantic people... i can tell i'm toooo romantic..