11 February 2013

Happy week lovelies.. what are you doing?? i'm back to work and the sun outside is flirting my thoughts.. i want to go out and run... like i'm in a countryyard and i'm in the centre of Athens... i feel good, i had a great weekend. girls came to visit me on Saturday evening, we drank sangria and talked. yesterday i went to the movies. i saw Argo. i liked it.. it was quite adventureous. i don't know if it's worth the Oscars, but i loved it. 
My daily routine is: work, teaching, training, as always.. but i feel that the sun is brighter today. Can you feel that? Here goes some advice i love to share with you: 9 rules for success.
But remember to say "i love you" and hug your loved ones often... xoxo

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