8 February 2013

ramblings on Friday morning

Good morning lovabies.. i have missed writing to you.. the weather here sucks... yesterday it was pouring all the time...mm got an idea..

thank God i have left another exam behind.. i think i wrote well yesterday.. then i went out with my friends and we promised not to talk about the exams. so we were rambling about musicm films, running and gardening.... i think it's time to start running outside... i always wanted it but i always left it aside. i don't know what got me lately with training... i need to go to the gym every day and i stay there more than 2 hours. i love training myself and couching other people... the greatest moment is when they reach me asking for advice.. the coming week has studying (..again,grrr!! 2 left yet to finish), girly meeting tomorrow and teaching.. i got also a revision test to prepare and some extras because Dimitra is giving exams next week and we are both stressed... im always stressed when my students are giving exams. as if i were in their shoes...
i still haven't watched Aflek's "Argo" and i want to go to the movies for this one. 

that's all for now..got to get back to work... 



  1. Silver Linings Playbook was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time :)