7 February 2013

Numbers, literature, exams and other thoughts

great performance..
hi pumpkins... have a great day.. i'm ready to go write my next exam.. it's a difficult day for me, i'm giving "German literature of the 18th century", which is amazing, but there are sooo many details that i have to keep in mind.. I'm referring to Goethe als details.. oh gush, what a great respect i'm showing... Thank God it's almost shining outside, makes my mood better. I'm trying to focus on  what i remember and be as calm as i can. I'm going out with facultymates after that, so i have something relaxing to wait...
Do you believe that numbers have impact on life or destiny? Mine are 4 and 7. Especially  4. Always something good comes up by them...


  1. so glad i found someone who believes that numbers can reveal something.. by the way you write amazing my friend. Have you ever thought of writing a book?