27 February 2013

Life is a river i want to jump in

hi lovelies..
i have started going to the university..i'm excited, new books, back to the classrooms with my friends, the new semester has started. i got a 7/10 for the "writing an essay" exam. I was afraid, i had failed to that. i returned to the office.. Work was waiting for me. I bought my new books and other stuff, a pergamont tea.. i can't wait to taste it. i had a reiki session yesterday. i relaxed. i have started reading about caballah. When i read for other religions, when i'm searching, i feel like my mind, my eyes open. I feel i know what to believe and why i believe in God. I pray more often now. I need to do that. I feel the need to express my gratitude to God but also ask for help. HE is my shelter. 
The last days i feel confused, tortured from my own mind. Like i have to decide something but i can't. I don't feel happy constantly. I get mad often. I know that's life. I need a change. But none and nothing can guarantee happiness. Life is a river. You think it's  going and suddenly you're stuck. You think you have it all and suddenly you lose everything. Like a rock hitting in splashing and messing all up. You think you're lost and the light comes out of nowhere. Do you know what we need? A smile and a hug, nothing else... You can have money, but you can still be alone. When you have a hug you are not alone and then you can have everything. 

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