28 February 2013

Life targets

good morning lovabies
i'm feeling good despite the cloudy weather.. i did some extra training yesterday and now i barely stand on my feet. i'm taking some antibiotics too so my immune system is like it's been hit by a train. My travel to Germany has cancelled and there are times this period i feel my life is a roller coaster. it'll pass i know. it can't remain for keeps. 
i'm hearing right now: 

and i'm thinking about rumour. Does rumour has it all?? I don't know what's worst, to have a bad rumour or not to have any rumour. As a kid i always stayed aside. I wasn't the popular student, the cheerleader, or the girl with most dates. I was enjoying my anonymity, although there were times i hated being left in the corner. I hated the centre but i couldn't stand the corner too. There were times i was trying to create circumstances that would bring  the lights on me. That will make me shine. Most of the times though i was invisible. In the next years i gave fights against that. May the blog be a way to get in the centre. To shine. I want to write a book. Ideas come but abandon me. I wish some day  they came and stay. So that i can tell an amazing story. I don't want fame or money. Just to be respected, accepted, found. I hope my words heal some wounded hearts some day and my students acknowledge my offer. That is my life target. To give, to help, to help minds open and move on. Am i being too romantic? Time will show. 
So write me your life targets...
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many many kisses.. .xoxo

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