9 April 2013

about yelling and other ramblings

good morning pumpkins.. i have waken up in a good mood. Before i started working i'm diving into the internet to find some joyful advice for blogger friends...
I was coming at work and i was thinking about nerv break downs.. the situations that spoil our mood and make us what to yell at someone's face, either it's his/her fault our situation or not.. i try hard to keep my nerves lately.. This whole crisis, the planets, push me at the edges.. i want to remind myself how much i deserve and what i have accomplished, i want to remember that yelling is just negative energy, nothing more, that comes right back at you. But then psychologists say you have to burst out.. it's healthy, you need to.. i don't know. at least i try to be fair. Not to yell at people that they didn't do anything bad at me. 
i was also thinking how long it's been since the last time i went walking around Plaka, the old city of Athens, here, you'll find some photos of it. Its atmosphere is something magical. Photos cannot transfer the feeling. 
got to go now.. keep up the good work lovelies... be back soon... xoxo

photo from: http://www.galenfrysinger.com/ (view Athens from Akropolis)


  1. Will you give me a tour when I go to Greece someday??

  2. i'd love to show you Athens .. we'll plan it. xoxo