10 April 2013

picture from: National Geographic
"If you can keep in mind while you are doing things for other people that your help is simply an extension of the universal spirit that connects all of us, you might also find what you do so much more meaningful.

Doing something that is of use to our community is a wonderful way to share our blessings with other people. Even when we don’t have much extra to give to other people, if our intention to really make another person’s life comfortable is pure, the encouragement and care that we are able to give is infinite, and caring for others really has more significance when it is something that is done through the auspices of our spiritual selves. Contributing in some way to the life of another person today will deepen the desire you have to make the world a better place by strengthening your personal connection with your spirit."  (OM)
good morning pumpkins.. That's what i've just read and loved it. The weather is getting better and sweeter, spring is here thank God.. smile and shine!! 
My doctor's tests showed small problems with my thyroid, i'm starting medication and i have to do an extra test for my breast but i'm not preoccupied. I'm thinking "thank God, you can fight this. Others fight worst cases.."' The truth is that i have fighted hard for a good health since i was a kid, so only big things scare me and i've dealed with lot of pain and ungly situations. BUT i don't and won't give up. As long as i breathe. 
Here is something to chear us up: Mondo 77, every time i hear this music i get up and dance... energy run through my body.. hear it loud and jump... 
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Last thing before i go :
confront the dark sides of yourself and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength  (August Wilson)
be back soon..promise.. love yah... 

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