17 April 2013

good morning pumpkins.. HAPPY WEEK. i have been so busy at work i could hardly breathe. Then i had gym and teaching. Days go by and i'm like a robot. Yesterday i went for lunch with my friend Amelie at "Salero", my favourite spanish corner. I haven't been there for ages. It was so lovely, we talked, drank wine and ate spanish dishes. Later on we did a long walk and after that i went to the gym. i love having full days and many activities. There is conference on teaching German next weekend. i can't wait, meet important people and view interesting presentations. 
My mood was melancholic the past days but as days go by i'm getting better. i want to do new different things, write, create, go out, read more. 
I'm reading on Thomas Mann, i'm writing an essay on "Death in Venice"... Piles of papers on my desk.. 
i miss practising yoga. i have to start again. i need more stretching. Tell me how do you feel these days?
love you.. be back soon..

photo: Terragalleria

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