18 April 2013

Do it my way?

good morning pumpkins.. i hope you're feeling great.. i feel weird.. yesterday i was exhausted but after one hour of reiki session i felt much relaxed and relieved.. all negative energy flew away and my batteries filled with positive energy. 
today i was thinking of endings. you think you know where you stand, or you don't know what to decide about something (event, person...) and then something happens and changes everything, your life or the way you think about something.. i always wanted to act. Not to leave things in their fate. I wanted to do it my way. I was right and i was wrong. I succeed and i failed. I couldn't control everything. You think you know and there comes a moment you  realise you didn't have a clue.. So when you can't decide LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE and universe/fate/God (name it as you like) will decide for you. I don't mean to give up, i mean to give in.  I never gave in. I wanted to have the last word.. When at 40 i realise you can't always have the last word.. When something ends (job, love, friendship) deal with it as an opportunity for a fresh new start...  Smile to the new coming challenge.. i will, although it hurts much at first...
just think it for a moment....xoxo

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