27 May 2013

hope, despair and other thoughts...

good morning lovelies... HAPPYYYYYY WEEK.
 I had a peaceful weekend. i had extra lessons at the University, cleaned the house, went out, met friends... Late in the evening yesterday i was thinking of despair. where can  despair lead you? And another thing how wrong can we be? you think you know someone. he/she says i'm ok and you believe him/her. Until something happens, a nervous break down, a suicide attempt and you realise that you didn't have a hint of what's really going on. And you're shocked.. like a thunder hit you. And you don't know how to help. You say i'll stand by and you do. But how far can this help?  in situations of despair the only solution is belief. Belief in yourself. Motivation to live and fight the ghosts of your mind... and i'm not sure that everyone can get through that.. i pray that all these people will find the light in their head, which will free them of these ghosts. Ghosts that surround mind,  drawn hope and lead to madness . Hope is another magic word.. We need to stick to hope.. but it's soo difficult sometimes. I gave a promise to myself yesterday... that i'll close to people you need me.. i'll share my strength and hope.. may this be paradise..
other things... 
i watched "beautiful creatures" below is the trailer, i loved it..

have the best time ever... remember i'm thinking of you... love you..xoxo

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