24 May 2013

life moments

i wish you a happy coming weekend friends..
i have a lot to learn for the university this weekend. but first comes teaching and cleaning... i have some extra classes at the university tomorrow, to cover the exams material..i have to plan my studying. it seems i'm losing this exams period because of my trip to Munich in June. I can't wait. i really need to fly away. rest my body and mind. i think i'm stuck here. i hardly communicate with others, i feel like my mind doesn't funktion properly. everything seems to stay behind. i'm hardly satisfied with everything. 
i went shopping, i bought some presents, i'm meeting friends and i don't feel happy. Nothing seems to make me happy. i'm wearing a "love" bracelette on the wrist just to remind me of what's important. But i don't feel like it. May that be depression?? The only thing that makes me complete is training others at the gym, so that i do this is a life cause... but at night, when i close the lights at the gym i feel empty and melancholic. because i know that this won't last long.. i should start flirting the idea of me working permanent at a gym.. do some research at this field..

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