13 May 2013

Oh Monday Monday...

how was the weekend? i mostly slept.. i needed some sleep. it was an exhausting week and a difficult one is coming... tsss!! On Saturday night i spent some time with family and friends. I had a great time. My brother and sister are leaving their old appartment.. A turn in their life, we celebrated.. Other things in my mind on the weekend; revaluing relationships and friendships, thinking of priorities,  refreshing habits and ideas, even friendships. My mantra is "Listen to your instinct". My  wisdom is "strong relationships survive and grow, no matter what. Others faint, till they disappear".
Other advices.. spring cleaning
Depeche Mode gave a performance in Athens and i regret for not buying tickets. My friend Christi said it was a hell of a concert.. 
Got to go now... keep on smiling lovelies...  the world needs your affection... xoxo

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