8 May 2013

Wednesday ramblings..

hi pumpkins... i have really missed you.. i was away for some days.. to be near nature, to fill up batteries, to rest. I'm back since the day before yesterday but i needed two days to clean up the house to store carpets and winter clothes.. Temperature here rises to 28 degrees.. very hot for May.. i never remember such a high temperature for spring time in the past. Heaven have mercy!! 
i can tell that this Easter a light was born inside of me. i feel closer to God. i pray more. i intend to keep this light burning.. i read literature but no studying for university, i need to start immediately. Reiki session yesterday filled me with energy. Then i went out with Vasiliki and Anna, two good friends of mine.. we talked, talked... 
Today i'm starting gym again and i'm excited, my students are waiting. It was closed for Easter. Before gym i'm planning lunch with my male friend Thym. Male friends give always other perspectives, they balance my thinking.. Some times is scary to realise how differently males and females think of situations. 
I was very melancholic lately, but now i'm ok.. Ups and downs...
You got to watch Cloud atlas. i loved it..

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i leave you to continue your day with this song..
be back soon. promise..

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