6 June 2013

How open is our mind nowadays?

hi lovabiess..
what are you up to? i try to learn material for the coming exams, but it's too difficult. my mind is running wild...i went to a lecture of one of my favourite teachers Frau Kar. Sie was amazing as always.. Her speech always fascinates me. i wish i would become a teacher like her... She advises us for life matters and that is a reason i adore her. Her last words today were "open your eyes, don't pull them off". i was thinking her words all the way back to the office. OPEN YOUR EYES!! it's so obvious, but so difficult to really open them. It needs an open mind. How open is our mind in our society? 


  1. I think our minds open up the more we get older and mature - thank goodness!!

  2. i wish we did. have a great coming weekend Kei.