4 June 2013

passionate optimism

hi lovelies.. i'm at work enjoying the quiteness of the moment. we haven't gathered at the office. It's so calm here in the morning before the others arrive. I was searching for inspirational posts on creativity in the internet.  I need a feedback.. Something to push me ahead..  Then i discovered  Julie Burstein. i heard her all ears on TED. you can find the video below. Passionate Optimism is the words i keep in mind. Not only at work but also in life.. Passion + Opitimism. That is what we all need for a better life. Find what makes us passionate and live with it, for it, through it. Be optimistic that life can become better. 
The day before yesterday i watched "The unbearable lightness of being". I loved it. It's not as light as you may imagine from the title..  enjoy the trailer..
got to go now.. work is waiting... be back soon. love you...

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