3 June 2013

People never stop to amaze me..

good morning pumpkins, have a great week. I had a very busy weekend with teching and cleaning and meeting family. i hardly rested. My washing machine broke down and that caused a lot of trouble. The biggest trouble of all was the fight i had with a friend of mine. I left her house wondering, why are women (we) acting like bitches? Especially to our girlfriends, to people that have showed us our love and attention. We suck. Guys never fight for guys. Why are we fighting between us for guys? Why do we relate ourselvesworth with how desirable we are?  She attacked me verbally and i was standing shocked thinking, where my friend went. I left her house ready to cry, full of bitterness and she never called me back to say i'm sorry. I need time to forgive her and we'll never be again as close as we were. Sο i got my lesson for yesterday. People never stop to amaze me. Bad and good. 
Other advice...


  1. I am so sorry that you had that encounter with your friend. I hope she comes to her senses and apologizes.

  2. i wish she did. but the only thing she told me was she thinks of changing gym and she was hurt. And she had attacked me! People go crazy!! Thank you for your interest my friend. have an amazing day