12 July 2013

Imagination and Inspiration

Being imaginative can be applied to any area of your life, but these ideas are best applied to your work. Integrating all aspects of your personality can help you evolve as a businessperson as well as a human being, because this is a way of seeking balance. You may also revolutionize your industry by presenting new ways of doing things. Each time a visionary shares their ideas, there may be some struggle though there is also likely to be evolution. Our goal here on earth is to become our best selves and to help others do the same. Today we are able to make steps toward this goal by moving our ideas from thought to word to deed.

Inspiration is the universe whispering to us. We act as its hands and feet, bringing it from the realm of thought into manifestation. Part of our journey here is to experience the universe by working with concepts and energy on the material plane. There may be others who are picking up the same signals from the universe, but they will use their own unique talents and abilities to implement them here on earth. Therefore we should not be daunted by others doing similar work, because we have something special to bring into being and to be shared with the world. Today is your day to express the universe's potential through you and share it in your own unique way with the world.OM

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