15 July 2013

my weekend

happy week pumpkins.. 
i had a peaceful weekend with family... my mood is dancing between joy and melancholy.. thank God i'm off work for some days. i'm travelling to Smyrne with my best friend Sofi, my travelling partner to most of my trips. i also caught a flu. I'm drinking hot coffee and i can't stand air condition and it's hot in there.. 
i haven't seen any film. haven't done much on the weekend. i spent time reading Literatur of the 19th century for the university and cleaned the house. On Saturday night we celebrated Nat's birthday at her place.. we had a great time. 

i have to get ready for my trip starting from buying a new suitcase, my old one is broken. 
i'm so happy for going away.. i wish you many many happy moments.. i'll post photos and news..

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