9 August 2013

Friday ramblings

good morning pumpkins... 
i have stayed away from my pc.. i wasn't in the mood to post anything. I'm try to focus in my studies and my plans for the coming school year, books, ideas, schedules, new things to teach, evolve...
i'm thinking of making a blog where my students could stop by and write something, anything, in order to communicate with each other.. i'll see how that goes. Then i want to organise evenings of creation at home with them, when we can watch a movie, talk, play games, bake cookies.. i did it once last year and it was a total success.. Teachers form minds and attitudes.. the least we can do is respect our children, help them become respectful, give them knowledge and love, teach them about life. 
That is all for now.. have to get back to work.. enjoy many happy moments...love you. xoxo

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