13 August 2013

oh tuesday

Good morning pumpkins... have a happy week (o know it's Tuesday but better late than never). I had a happy weekend, i spent time with friends and family.. i stayed up late drinking wine and talking about love problems with girlfriends(routine huh??) at Komix my favourite bar, i did some reading for the coming exams and cleaned the house.. i watched Piano lessons on DVD, i love this movie.. it's been 20 years since the first time i watched it on the cinema and it moved me more than the first time.. what a lyric.

i also went to the cinema, i love open air cinemas with beer and chips.. I watched "Mud". Matthew McConaughey really plays the best part of his life so far.. I suggest you to watch it. 

lovabies have a great day... got to go now... xoxo


  1. I've always wanted to see 'The Piano'. Have a good day my friend :)

    1. To you too my friend.watch the piano.you will love it