20 August 2013

On Tuesday

good morning lovelies.. i'm at the office trying to keep my eyes open. i had a very bad sleep yesterday. I was staying at a friend's house last night, she was having a nightmare and her screaming woke me up suddenly in the night. i couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I was hearing weird noices and when the morning light came through the window i got up. i drank a coffee but i believe i need another cup. we went to the cinema last night and watched Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins. Very good movie.. I think this movie and her personal problems were the cause of the nightmare. It was also a night of high temperature. i need to get back home early today in order to get some sleep. i have to study, arrange an appointment for a new teaching and start searching for a new gym. 


got to go now, duty calls. i have no news at work and as older say: "no news, good news".. i'm on steam to see what's coming. Am I in or out after 13 years in this job..i'm waiting and praying for the best, the most suitable for me to happen. i need a change though..love you pumpkins.. cross your fingers for me. you have my warmest hug. xoxo

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