8 October 2013

My best friend's wedding

good morning pumpkins..
have a nice day.. i caught a flu and my eyes cannot stop crying... i should have stayed in bed. but i  came to work. i had a peaceful weekend, when my best friend Nick was married.. it was a lovely wedding.. he seemed happy.. two of his girlfriends were his bestmen... i was caught by surprise, i thought his best male friends would have . The girls had rather asked him and he accepted.. we had a great time at the wedding party.. 

...reaching the church with a motorbike

the happy couple

i watched "Night train to Lisbon" with Jeremy Irons at the movies. Amazing movie.. got to watch it. 

I also spent time with friends at "Komix", my favourite bar. what a weekend..
I have to go now... the flu is getting worse and i'm also at the office.. remeber i think of you, sending positive energy...xoxo

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