3 October 2013

that's it, i've had it!!!

Good morning lovabies..autumn is here to stay.. cold and rain.. since last night i'm sleeping with my bedroom window closed. i had a marvellous time last evening. I went to lunch with my friend Annie, then we went shop walking.. walking around checking out new arrivals of clothes, scarfs, shoes... at the stores.. i bought a new scarf and a cheap necklace... then we went to a tea shop, kind of retro, to drink tea and eat cookies.. and ended up at the cinemas.. we watched "Frances Ha"..
i loved it..

now back to reality...  i heard today that the government will vote the abolition of the educational permission during work. Meaning, that a student will not be allowed to take permission to study while working period.. Unfortunately universities cannot offer evening classes. That means since the abolition that you either decide to work or study.. you cannot have it both.. or you take your summer days off to give exams.. I've just realised that i'm living in a jungle... and i'm furious... i can stand salary cuts and taxes, i've accepted that i'm obligated to work two jobs, if i want to live above poverty and cover my obligations... but losing the right to study??? that is tooo much!!! To be honest with you we (in Greece) are at the edge of losing the right of free speaking.. studying seems too high for a privilege at the end.. i don't know.. there are times i feel despair living here as the situation turns out...
But i feel grateful because i still have work, i can still dream a better life, i can still go a movie and buy a book, or something to wear.. when the level of poverty around me raises dangerously.. God, give us strength... i don't know... 
i'm leaving you now.. duty calls... have an amazing day..xoxo

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